jon contino for ebbet’s field changed me.

Let the record state that I generally hate graphic anything & figure there are probably 60,000 “clothing designers” in NYC alone who “design” nothing more than shitty screened graphic tees with catchy slogans and overwrought graphics.  If you ask me, that’s about 60,000 designers too many.  Don’t get me wrong.  I dig great design of just about medium, but let’s be honest here.  Shitty taste (and therefore shitty design) seem run rampant and in reality, we need said shitty design to  better recognize the good stuff amid a world of screen-printed crap that lives somewhere between Hot Topic and a Lillian Vernon catalog.


Granted, I’m now 40 and generally assume that any guy my age rocking a screen printed anything probably still lives at his parent’s house — and swears flip-flops look great with a pair of boot cut jeans.  If he’s actually living elsewhere and somehow got his shit together, odds are he works in IT & spends most of his free time playing his PS3.  Then again, I’m super picky.  And apparently an asshole…but like i said, I admire strong graphic design (and designers) — I just don’t want to wear it in the guise of screened apparel.  Until now.


Enter Ebbet’s Field, the Seattle-based brand known for making some of the best wool ball caps on the planet (among other products).  They’ve recently launched a collection of American-made French terry sweatshirts, drafting New York-based design legend, Jon Contino to design a series of 9 graphics for the collection, each paying tribute to teams of yore from around the country.  American made, each design is Inspired by hand-stenciled prints historically rendered by a team’s clubhouse manager back in the day.  The end result is impressive (to no surprise) so we’re happy to hear the Ebbet’s and Contino plan to expand the project in the coming year.


So, what was that bullshit I was spewing about screen-printed graphics?  I admit.  I stand corrected and will take my humble pie with a side of Ebbet’s Field x Jon Contino.  I would wear the hell out of these.  All nine of them.