listed: etsy’s houseware goldmines.

A while back Jahn penned a post challenging readers to build a home office with furniture and knick-knacks from the web’s largest craft and vintage e-commerce destination, Etsy. Hunting for those perfect home office accessories was no easy task, it required sorting through the thousands of unique virtual storefronts on Etsy, and carefully curating items from each shop. The new office space that Jahn designed inspired me to assemble a collection of Etsy stores that I find offer the most beautiful furniture, house wares, and decorative curiosities.

Being an Etsy aficionado myself, I know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to find that one piece you can’t get off your mind. Looking for a pair of black leather boots? Be prepared to filter through dozens of pages of boots you’d probably never wear. Absolutely must find the perfect Mid Century table lamp for your desk? The list of similar home décor items can seem never ending. Luckily, I live for this sort of thing and spend most of my free time browsing for vintage items on Etsy and obsessively sifting through my feed until my eyes glaze over.

And, since many of the vintage items on Etsy are rare, hard to find, and will usually have been sold by the time this post reaches the blog, I figured I would set some of you up with a well developed list of shops that consistently stock their virtual shelves with high quality vintage furnishings, household items, and assorted clothing and shoes. Also, I took into account the clarity of the photos posted, diversity of product, and affordability. Below in no particular order, is the compilation I came up with.

Moroccan Tribal

Check out this UK based store for great shaggy, recycled rugs in interesting tribal and abstract prints. You’ll also find sturdy floor pillows, end tables, and handmade benches. Although the rugs and furnishings are not vintage, any of the high quality items in this store will help you achieve that perfectly undone bohemian interior.

Price range: $$-$$$

Best for: Bright statement rugs

MD Quality Goods

This Los Angeles based shop sells amazing, old industrial home furnishings and accessories. In this shop, you can find items as diverse as statement steel shelving, vintage taxidermy, and even a flawlessly preserved Navajo rug from the 1930s. The shop is also stocked with a number of vintage porcelain and metal signs, flags, and antique cameras at reasonable prices.

Price range: $-$$$$

Best For: Metal signs, vintage American flags

Very Vary Vintage

If you’re on the hunt for decorative bathroom items or dainty household accessories this shop is for you. Very Vary Vintage offers geometric terrarium like display cases, a beautifully tarnished mail holder, vintage horse shaped glass bottles, and colorful industrial spools. The items are priced very reasonably and the seller even offers refunds on shipping overages.

Price range: $-$$

Best For: Gifts for the lady

Mascot Vintage

This little shop based in Oakland, California features an eclectic mix of vintage household accessories. You’ll find a variety of needlepoint pillows, hand carved clay pieces, brass globes, and hanging planters. Mixed in with the housewares are men and women’s clothing and accessories. All of the items are unique, in great condition and incredibly affordable.

Price range: $-$$

Best for: Funky knick knacks





Gallivanting Girls

Gallivanting Girls is a local shop based here in Brooklyn. The well-curated shop has a wide array of unexpected items such as a collection of colorful vintage arrows, beautiful wood nesting coffee tables, and other odds and ends. With a seriously trained eye for vintage, the owner of this shop consistently adds new stock to her list of items for sale, each more beautiful then the next.

Price range: $$-$$$$

Best For: Rattan Furniture, Mid Century lamps

We Love Lucite

You guessed it, this Etsy shop is chock full of fun Lucite items. But, there is more then just Lucite. You’ll find lots of 1960’s pop art memorabilia, modernist furniture, and house wares from the 1950s through the 1980s. You might lose yourself browsing through the hundreds of items but you’re sure to find a worthwhile piece.

Price range: $$-$$$$

Best For: LUCITE!

The White Pepper

This shop is organized into easy to decipher categories: luggage, mid century, kitchen, lighting etc. The photos are clear and showcase each unique item beautifully. A great shop for home accessories and knick-knacks, you’ll find lots of brass, planters, jars, tins, and blankets. The White Pepper is also ideal for mid century furnishings and décor and, if you’re looking for an old globe to complete the look of a room, you’re in luck! The White Pepper has at least five different ones to choose from.

Price range: $$-$$$$

Best For:  Mid century, Brass