10% for sandy.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or just haven’t been paying attention), much of the east coast took a beating thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  New York City prepared as best it could, shuttering businesses, schools — even the subways — however, nothing could prepare anyone for the aftermath.

We were lucky.  In fact, we headed up to the roof a few times throughout the storm to survey the weather & from our view of Manhattan south of the Chrysler building, witnessed the exact moment the lights went out.

Needless to say, it was surreal.  There was something about that exact moment that let us know that Sandy wasn’t letting us off easy.  In the following days, we’d offer up refuge to a few friends who’d been displaced by the storm, even participate in a small group effort make 500 or sandwiches for those in heavily hit Red Hook, Brooklyn — many of whom lost not only power & hot water, but their homes & belongings.

Sure, there have been bodegas that suddenly decided it’d be alright to charge $4 for a Coke & we’ve heard a few stories about looting kids trying to act hard, however all in all, we’ve seen more good, more giving, more rad than anything else.  Folks donating time, money, clothing, shelter — you name it.  Hell, seems like anyone with electricity hung a power strip outside a window offering neighbors a place to charge their phones.

Honestly, it’s been really inspiring to see NYC take care of it’s own & knowing that there’s a ton of recovery left, not only in New York, but throughout the east coast, we wanted to do something to help beyond a sofa & one Sunday of sandwich making.

With that, we’ve got tons of new product to load up onto the site & through the rest of 2012, we pledge to give 10% of all sales in our web-shop to the American Red Cross, who had originally planned a blood drive in NYC before Sandy showed & make it their mission to help those most in need.

You can also help the Red Cross with a $10 directly by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999.

Want to help out even more?  Bergdorf Goodman has put together an impressive list of Sandy-specific resources, news, & immediate needs on their Twitter page.


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