reunited: bkdg + stag.

It’s been a while since we’ve given the blog any love. A long while. Ashamed? Sure, but we’ve got no regrets as we’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy over the last couple months. With MRket & the new Wolverine shop up & running (hell, we haven’t even had the chance to post anything about it yet — thankfully, the good folks over at Valet rolled through), we’ve taken a collective breath & we’re ready to jump into fall. Our first stop? We made way to venerable #menswear retailer, Stag in Austin, Texas last November with a week long trip of buying, pop-up & taco eating. Needless to say we had an amazing time & we’re happy to report that the gents over at Stag were nice enough to invite us back just in time for the Austin Film Festival.

Launching Thursday, 10.18.12 with a party & running through Sunday, 10.21.12, we’re excited to bring a bit of Brooklyn to the Lonestar state. Hell, we even brought on artist, Travis Simon (who we hired to hand-paint old advertisements on the Wolverine shop walls) to design this year’s Stag invite after Austin-based artist, Caleb Owen Everitt, managed to make every one of our previous invites look bad after designing last year’s incredible Stag invite.

Hope to see y’all there.

See how we did that? We did a “y’all” thing. Because that’s what they do in Texas.