Brought to you by Jahn Hall & Kurt Uhlendorf, BKLYN Dry Goods is born & bred by insatiable curiosity & a love of vintage.

With a combined 30+ years in the fashion industry traveling the globe for the some of the industry’s top brands & working alongside some of the world’s best vintage collections, we discovered that our love of vintage was beautifully executed but prohibitively priced — or jammed into poorly merchandised dusty warehouses for a great deal. Both seemed to us a bit intimidating to most.

By forgoing the traditional brick & mortar formula & instead hosting pop-up events throughout New York City & points across the country, BKLYN Dry Goods strives to bring the market a tightly merchandised, thoughtfully executed collection of menswear, objects & curiousities offered at extremely fair prices. By focusing on American-made product and the world’s preiminent heritage brands, we hope to bring attention to the craftsmanship apparent in these products as well as the lasting quality & enduring relevance today amid society’s short attention span and disposable mentality.

As we further develop our vision online & throught our events, we intend to partner with like-minded brands, new and old, creating unique collaborations merging aesthetic and an appreciation for creating goods crafted well enough to be passed down from generation to generation.

Additionally, we offer up a number of additional services.  From showroom or tradeshow set-up to in-store merchandising or window installation, we can enhance your business’ message & help increase visibility & sales.  We can also help plan & execute your own pop-up event supporting all aspects of the process from design & layout to inventory management & point of sale.   Feel free to give us a shout if you’d like any additional information.